This set of guidelines and university policies enable LMU to protect and enhance its reputation by projecting a strong, coherent and distinctive brand to all audiences.

Logo Use Guidelines

  1. The LMU brand represents what the university stands for — its promise to the market — and is represented in imagery and words. Corporate (visual) identity is one element of the brand, and is the manner in which LMU presents itself to the public, including but not limited to the family of LMU logo marks, color palette and typefaces.
  2. There is only one LMU visual identity. Other logos, slogans or taglines must not be developed or used to represent sections, units, internal departments, programs, initiatives, research centers, institutes, groups or communities that are housed within the university.
  3. Special logos shall not be developed or used to represent joint ventures. To brand a joint venture, the established identity of the partner organization and the LMU logo will be deployed concurrently in a co-branding relationship.
  4. Use of the LMU logo and corporate identity must follow the visual identity standards established and governed by LMU Marketing and Communications.
  5. All applications of the LMU logo, whether produced by LMU or third parties, must be checked for corporate identity compliance and approved by LMU Marketing and Communications.

Advertising Policy

All advertising projects must be approved by Marketing and Communications. Faculty or staff members interested in placing advertisements consult with MarComm for guidance and approval prior to committing to the placement. All advertising must align with LMU visual identity and brand standards.

Campus Graphics Policy

LMU Campus Digital Graphics is the university's exclusive vendor for printing services. Use of off-campus print vendors is limited to projects that Campus Digital Graphics cannot accomplish. Faculty or staff members interested in using an off-campus print vendor must seek approval from Marketing and Communications. All Campus Digital Graphics design and print jobs adhere to LMU's visual identity standards.

Communications and Design Services Policy

All contracts, services, and purchases related to marketing, advertising, creative/design services, photography, videography, digital media, web services/products, or related communications services must be pre-approved by MarComm prior to the issuance of RFPs, statements of work, creative briefs, cost estimates, contract agreements or commitments.

Electronic Announcements Policy

LMU supports the dissemination of internal and external electronic communications by providing the community with communications channels and opportunities. To communicate effectively, the university has established this policy to ensure community members receive information that is accurate, timely, relevant, and meaningful while using templates that align with LMU visual identity and brand standards.

Social Media Policy (see Section 3F)

All official LMU social media accounts must be approved and registered with Marketing and Communications. Social media accounts are subject to the same web and visual identity policies that govern all other marketing and communication activity.

Trademarks and Licensing

All merchandise and promotional items bearing LMU names or marks must be purchased through an official licensed vendor of the university.

Web and New Media Resources Policy

All university units are required to utilize the university's web content management system (CMS) to host their web properties. Marketing and Communications approves exceptions when a lack of functionality or other extenuating circumstances require alternate solutions to address a specific business operating need. All web properties and digital communication tools align with LMU's visual identity guidelines and web standards.

Public Web Standards

All LMU web properties must conform to standards to ensure quality, consistency and legal compliance.

More Info

Marketing and Communications and university policies govern our shared work to protect and elevate the LMU brand. See all Marketing and Communications policies. To start or seek approval for your marketing and communications project governed by these policies, contact the MarComm representative in your area.