Visual Identity in the World

It's true that implementing our visual identity will be a multi-year effort, but the physical changes to our campuses have already begun. Here, we capture key projects and applications and provide a little bit of the back story for each. This page will be updated regularly with new initiatives. If you have a good one to recommend we feature, contact us. We want to see how you're using the visual identity!

2019 Preview Day's Visual Identity Makeover

On April 14, thousands of admitted students to the Class of 2023 and their families arrived on campus for Preview Day, an annual large-scale event of campus tours, information sessions and an address by President Snyder in Gersten Pavilion. A coordinated effort between Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and Event Services ensured that the university's just-released visual identity system was on full display.

Directional signage, ceremonial banners, tents, table linens, print materials and more were made over in LMU Crimson and Blue, showcasing the entire system of new logo marks. Prospective students were handed spirit mark t-shirts, knapsacks branded with the full acronym signature — even pens stamped with the sticker version of the primary, left-aligned, shortened acronym lockup. With the new light pole banners and university flags enveloping all of it, the marquee university event never looked so good. We're excited to welcome the Class of 2023 this fall!

Iggy wearing a white LMU t-shirt with the spirit mark, standing in Regent's Terrace with Sacred Heart Chapel in the background

An information booth in front of the Foley Building with the LMU primary logo on the table cover

Two people being assisted by a tour guide who is wearing a crimson LMU shirt displaying the spirit mark

President Timothy Law Snyder speaking to a crowd with a blue stage backdrop displaying the ceremonial mark behind him

A stack of brochures displaying the primary LMU acronym logo

A prospective student and her mother looking out over the bluff with Los Angeles in the distance, with the prospective student wearing a gray backpack displaying the centered LMU logo

An undergraduate admission information booth displaying the LMU logo as a table cover and pop up cover

Two people being assisted by an LMU tour guide wearing a crimson shirt with the primary LMU logo

Poster Series Announces the New LMU Visual Identity

To celebrate the release of the visual identity on April 2, 2019, Marketing and Communications reached out to faculty, staff and students and asked them to rep the marks at a portrait session with university photographer, Jon Rou. We created a poster series that showed only the portraits and an LMU primary mark designed as a label sewn onto the page. No text was necessary — our Lion pride is clear! But we thank the following colleagues for participating (we had a lot of fun):

A student wearing a black LMU branded hat and t-shirt, and an LMU athlete draped in an LMU branded banner

An LMU staff member with the spirit mark tattoed on his bicep, and an LMU student wearing a gray spirit mark t-shirt

An LMU science professor wearing a lab coat sporting the LMU logo, and an LMU basketball player with an LMU athletics logo jersey

An LMU coach wearing a blue LMU spirit mark collared t-shirt, and a student wearing a t-shirt branded with the LMU Athletics logo

University Flags - Three Marks in Rotation

The American flag, the California state flag and a flag bearing the former LMU presidential seal have always proudly flown from two locations on campus — the top of Alumni Mall and outside the entrance to University Hall. The presidential seal was decommissioned in 2015 but the flag was never updated.

Rather than just replace the former presidential seal with the new ceremonial mark, the LMU visual identity system was assessed for what marks would be best to fly with the American and California flags. The answer was: all of them! Today, and on most days of the year, a flag in LMU Blue bearing the acronym mark will fly in both flag pole locations. On ceremonial occasions such as commencement or an honorary degree conferral, a flag bearing the university seal will fly. For key Athletic events, such as Madness, post-season home events, or just big game days, a flag bearing the Athletics logo will take its place on the poles.

LMU athlete holding flag

Athletics T-shirt and Rally Towel Giveaway

On Valentine's Day, the Lions hosted the #1 ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs in a tight match at Gersten Pavilion. The game was sold out and televised nationally on ESPN. What better opportunity to debut the new Athletics identity to the world? T-shirts and rally towels were distributed at the gates and inside the arena. Later, in March, baseball hosted #1 UCLA at Page Stadium and another round of t-shirts were distributed to fans in attendance.

A row of LMU t-shirts draped over seats in the stadium

Two LMU students sporting new branded t-shirts

An LMU Basketball player making a three-point shot with the new LMU Athletics visible on a scoreboard in the background

An LMU Athletics logo seen on an LMU Crimson sports towel

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree Conferral, Robert B. Lawton, S.J.

When LMU conferred an honorary degree on Fr. Lawton, our fourteenth president, the new visual identity had just been announced by the President’s Cabinet. The event was still made over in the new university seal, also known as our ceremonial mark. Fr. Lawton’s honorary degree was the perfect first application of the seal in a ceremonial context. In the new visual identity system, the seal will be used only for such events; others include commencement, academic regalia and other high-level university communications.

Father Lawton's honorary degree diploma

Sign at entrance to the Father Lawton Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree Conferral

Brochure for the Father Lawton Degree Conferral

Lawton Degree Conferral VIP Lunch menu sporting the new LMU Ceremonial Mark