Message Map

The message map builds upon a single, powerful message. This is the big idea that should shine through all of our communications. A single communication shouldn’t incorporate every attribute and benefit of LMU. We can and should articulate our big idea appropriately to different audiences. Different parts of our story and message resonate with different audiences. Depending on your audience and goal, you may choose to emphasize some parts of the LMU story more heavily than others. 

LMU's Messaging Pillars

These 3 pillars form the core of the brand positioning.

Curious MindsWorking creatively.To make an impact.

What - explains your offering

How - sets you apart Why - gives you purpose

A tradition of intellectual exploration.

Education of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

The epicenter of creativity.

Where the diversity of thought, culture, religion, and language interconnect.

Determined to make an impact in the world.

A community of compassionate minds and intelligent hearts.

Message Map

The message map introduces a range of key messages that reinforce the university's mission and brand strategy. The map is organized into attributes of LMU in the top half of the document, and benefits in the bottom half. The best marketing messages center on benefits of an LMU education, not simply the attributes.

Curious minds.Working creatively.To make an impact.
LMU offers... (attributes)

Academic Rigor and Intellectual Exploration

Academic Excellence
Learning Environment
Jesuit Values
Liberal Arts Experience 

California Dreaming & Doing

World-Class City
Global Perspective
Vanguard Conviction

Innovation & Imagination

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Inspired Discovery
Social Impact

So that students are... (benefits)

Capable + confident + compassionate

Knowledgeable, ethical, confident, compassionate and hardworking.

Inspired + experienced + inclusive 

Professionally experienced and networked, culturally aware and forward leaning, adaptable.

Ambitious + impactful + service-minded

Ready to lead and determined to make a difference in the world.

A Deeper Dive

The tabs below look closer at each pillar to add detail to the message map. The deep dive is intended for marketers and other community members who need deeper knowledge of LMU and seek to tell LMU’s story consistently, across channels and audiences.

  • Know How, Know Why
    What LMU offers... (attributes)
    Academic Rigor + Intellectual Exploration
    Academic Excellence
    Rigorous inquiry & enlightenment led by expert faculty
    Learning Environment
    Teacher/scholar-engaged learning model
    Jesuit Values
    Whole person education of the mind, body and spirit
    Liberal Arts Experience
    Grounded in critical-thinking and interdisciplinary curricula

    So that students are... (benefits)
    Capable + Confident + Compassionate

    Knowledgeable, capable, and prepared from day one

    Confident, hard working, and team players

    Ethical, committed, and compassionate

    Agile, well-rounded, problem solvers

    How we talk about it... (elevator pitch)
    Curious minds.