Telling the LMU Story with Impact

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Our brand is what we’re all about.

Our brand is more than our logo, colors, or campaigns. Our brand is our essence. Our stake in the ground. Our brand helps us communicate with our audiences with consistency, authenticity, and relevance.

And our strong brand starts with you.

Use this website to learn to tell your LMU story in ways that reinforce LMU's strategic positioning.

Create the World You Want to Live In

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Our rallying cry, a north star to shape our communication about LMU

Create the World You Want To Live In expresses our optimistic vision of a vibrant academic community that prepares students to ignite change — in their lives and in a world that needs their ingenuity. 

  • Speaks to our history and tradition of seeking academic excellence
  • Reflects our Southern California culture of creativity and innovation
  • Emphasizes our Jesuit tradition of pursuing justice and creating a better world for all
  • "World" reflects our global outlook; though we are in and of Los Angeles, our impact knows no bounds

Our Pillars

Three pillars form the core of LMU's positioning. Each articulates one key element of the LMU experience, rooted in our mission and informed by the perceptions and expectations of our community. Put together, these pillars are what make us uniquely LMU. Though seemingly simple, this strategy is informed by extensive market research. 

For a deeper dive on the pillars and core messages, see our message map.

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Curious Minds.

A tradition of intellectual exploration. Education of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Learning Environment
  • Jesuit Values
  • Liberal Arts Experience
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Working Creatively.

The epicenter of creativity. Where the diversity of thought, culture, religion, and language interconnect.

  • World-Class City
  • Global Perspective
  • Vanguard Conviction
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To Make an Impact.

Determined to make an impact in the world. A community of compassionate minds and intelligent hearts.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Inspired Discovery
  • Social Impact

Our Narrative

Our brand narrative is our story, told at its highest level and simplest terms.

It articulates our brand in one cohesive statement that reflect the values and benefits of LMU. It is a motivating, aspirational articulation of the strategy, but it is not meant to be used in externally-facing copy. Instead, use it to inspire your message and tone.

There is a place that reflects the world you want to live in.
With real people who think and act in unexpected ways.
One driven by integrity not entitlement.
That values curiosity, dreams, innovation, inclusion, potential and peace.

A place where you learn to tackle the tough questions and more importantly, ask them.
And are taught how to think, not what to think.
Where academic rigor fuels the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

Loyola Marymount University.
A 500-year Jesuit tradition at the creative epicenter of the world.
With a unique perspective on the future.
Surrounded by a community of inspired and diverse people.
Basked in sunshine that illuminates ideas and movements.
Where people have learned they could change the world and then did.

For a deeper dive into our pillars and key messages, check out the message map.


Brand in Action

The stories below bring to life LMU's brand pillars and showcase the best of LMU experience and outcomes.


Curious Minds

First Years Gain Confidence Through Coding with Google

The Google Computer Science Summer Institute prepares first-year students for computer science and STEM success.

Male student in front of Los Angeles City Hall
Working Creatively

Assessing L.A.'s Tree Canopy with Data

In his internship at the mayor's office, Ryan Burke '20 used LMU data sets to plan for a greener Los Angeles.

Headshot of Vanessa Luna
To Make an Impact

Improving Outcomes for Undocumented Students

Alumna Vanessa Luna, M.A. ’16 saw a need for education equity, and founded a nonprofit to address it.

More Brand Resources

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LMU in Action

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