Digital Templates

The LMU visual identity system includes a toolkit of electronic business templates to accommodate the way we communicate in an increasingly digital, screen-dependent world. Download or request these assets to apply the visual identity consistently across platforms.

Email Signatures

A consistent, comprehensively-deployed email signature is one of the most effective ways we can execute a clear LMU identity. 

Email Templates

The LMU-branded email template system is stocked with dynamic tools and content types to help you build compelling, vivid and visual identity-compliant digital communications.

Digital Letterhead

The digital letterhead template is a replication of the LMU print letterhead template, made accessible through Microsoft Word for individual digital communication and localized office printing. 


LMU presentation templates are available for PowerPoint and KeyNote. 

Social Media Profiles

Customized profile images for LMU organizations, departments and programs are created to spec by Marketing and Communications.