Putting the Strategy to Work

LMU's brand strategy helps campus leaders, communicators, and ambassadors (that's you!) tell the LMU story with consistent messages and a unified voice. Where do you start? Here is your quick guide to communicating with strategy and impact.

Connect experience to impact.

At LMU, people learn to change the world, and then do. A great LMU story brings to life our vibrant student experience and connects it to the real-world impact, whether that’s a great first job, a social issue addressed, or an industry changed for the better.

Talk about why Los Angeles.

Our L.A. location is about so much more than warm weather and beach views (although, those are great!) Celebrate the substantive benefits: access to booming industries; global, multi-cultural perspectives; a forward-leaning, change-making mindset.

Get specific about our mission.

“Jesuit.” “Marymount.” “With and for Others.” Our internal community understands the richness of our mission, but outsiders may not. Lead with the benefits and values of Jesuit education, not the jargon.

Be a little bold.

We are curious, ambitious, and sometimes playful; talk like it! Bring some swagger to your communications, and share our outcomes and impact boldly. This is how we build affinity with our audiences and instill a culture of Lion Pride.

Make it your own.

Creating the World We Want to Live In is not a tagline, and our brand narrative is not ad copy. Let these tools guide your strategy, and only use the words and phrases when they are useful.

Remember your audience.

What matters to them? What tone will resonate? Am I reaching them the right way? 

Pay off the attribute with a benefit.

It’s not just about what we offer, but what the student (or your audience) has to gain. What is in it for them?

Check the message map, and find your balance.

Is your communication aligned with the message map? Good start! If you often lean into the same brand pillar, look for stories that highlight other messages.

Include a call to action.

What do you want the user to do next? Make sure your call to action is clear, visible, and concise.