The LMU typography palette brings consistency and design sophistication to all university communications. Three typefaces — the sans serif Metric and the serif Lyon and Lyon Display — combine to address layout applications, from the wordmarks in the visual identity system to the vast array of print and digital publications the university produces.

All three typefaces are robust in styles and weights, providing the foundation of a comprehensive type style palette. Used in combination, Metric and Lyon serve the LMU brand's most complex typographic needs, from social media icons to LMU Magazine.


Example of Metric Bold
An example of Metric Bold

Metric is the primary LMU identity typeface. It is a sans serif with simple and classic glyphs that present with clarity and boldness, offering a wide range of weights that allow for small and digital use without degradation. The Metric primary typeface is used in logo lock-ups, headlines, signage, and more.

Metric typeface weights

Lyon and Lyon Display

Example of Lyon typeface
An example of Lyon Bold

Lyon, the secondary LMU typeface, is a serif that harmoniously complements Metric providing a sense of history that presents strength and character. Lyon is used for body copy on letterhead and other printed communications.

Lyon Display is the tertiary typeface in the LMU typography palette. A more refined cut of Lyon Text, Lyon Display is well-suited for oversized text areas, such as headlines and pull quotes. Display cuts tend to appear more attractive, but they don't hold up as well as Text cuts in body copy and other large areas of text.

Lyon and Lyon Display typeface weights

Equivalent Typefaces

When Metric, Lyon and Lyon Display are unavailable, or when a system typeface is required, Arial and Georgia are used as replacement fonts in the LMU visual identity system.

You do not have to have Metric and/or Lyon installed on your computer to make full use of the LMU visual identity system. All logo lock-ups are saved as outlined art files, eliminating the need for typefaces to render them. All customizable digital templates have versions set in equivalent system typefaces for wide use.


Arial is used in place of Metric.

Arial Regular, Italic and Black


Georgia is used in place of Lyon or Lyon Display.

Georgia Regular, Italic and Bold