The most innovative aspect of the LMU identity system, the spirit mark, was inspired by the 500-year-old Jesuit seal. The art deco sunburst arrayed around the perimeter of the Jesuit seal was painted as a fresco in St. Ignatius’ rooms in Rome. In the LMU spirit mark, it is simplified and fashioned into the lion’s mane to infuse the Ignatian tradition into the university mascot.

LMU spirit mark

Spirit marks are often adopted by sports fans, students, and alumni/student organizations to inspire pride and loyalty in non-academic contexts. The LMU spirit mark is designed as a fully integrated visual element in the identity system. It is an ownable and differentiating icon that is totally unique to LMU.

The spirit mark is used in less-formal applications with the goal of building and encouraging school spirit. It is used by student organizations and to promote LMU student programs. The spirit mark is also a secondary logo for LMU Athletics programs.

Clear Space

Adequate clear space for the spirit mark is defined at 1/4 of its height extended around its perimeter. No other graphics or text should interfere with this area.

Diagram for clear spacing requirements around the Spirit Mark

Minimum Size

The minimum size of the spirit mark is 0.5 inches. There is no maximum size use.

Spirit Mark minimum size set to 0.5 inches

Incorrect Use

Incorrect uses of the spirit mark are shown below. Incorrect usage rules apply to all marks in the LMU identity toolkit.

Incorrect Spirit 1

Don't disproportionately scale vertically or horizontally.

Incorrect Spirit 2

Don't alter the size relationship between any elements.

Incorrect Spirit 3

Don't crop any parts of the mark.

Incorrect Spirit 4

Don't rotate the mark.

Incorrect Spirit 5

Don't alter the shape or positioning of any elements.

Incorrect Spirit 6

Don't rearrange components within the mark.

Incorrect Spirit 7

Don't add a drop shadow.

Incorrect Spirit 8

Don't add additional artwork or outlines around the mark.

Incorrect Spirit 9

Don't use unapproved colors.

Incorrect Spirit 10

Don't interchange any of the colors.

Incorrect Spirit 13

Don't display at less than 100% opacity.

Incorrect Spirit 12

Don't place the logotype over a busy or complex photograph.

Incorrect Spirit 11

Don't change or omit the white areas between colored elements.

Incorrect Spirit 14

Don't make the colored elements white. The white "Sticker" version of the mark is different.