LMU’s visual identity is a comprehensive, integrated system of colors, typography, and marks that was launched in 2019 as the visual distillation of the university’s brand, Creating the World We Want to Live In. The system unifies all university programs into a coordinated, consistent program, that presents a united university with impact.

Compelling and memorable visual identities take years to build, requiring uniformity and discipline to be successful. The elements outlined here highlight the key graphic tools available to express an aligned and cohesive system that seeks to elevate the university’s brand and reputation. Used with care, these tools ensure that our image retains its integrity.

LMU’s visual identity is comprised of four integrated marks: the primary logo, the ceremonial mark, the athletics mark, and the spirit mark. While the marks are integrated and aligned with purpose, they are not interchangeable. Understanding the appropriate placement and usage of each mark is part of the system’s governance and guidelines.


The primary mark in blue and red
Primary Mark
University Logo
Daily Communications
LMU Ceremonial Mark in crimson and blue
Ceremonial Mark
University Seal
Academic Regalia
Honorary Degrees
LMU athletics mark in red and blue
Athletics Mark
Primary Athletics Logo
Team Uniforms
Official Gear & Apparel
LMU Spirit Mark
Spirit Mark
Informal Applications
Spirit Wear
Secondary Athletics Mark

"Mark" is just another name for logo, and in LMU's new identity, there are four that visually integrate to form a complete system: a redrawn university seal; a shield that extracts from the seal as a stand-alone mark; a lion spirit mark that extracts from the seal and shield graphics; and a redeveloped LMU arch logo for Athletics.