Digital Letterhead

The digital letterhead template is a replication of LMU print letterhead, made accessible through Microsoft Word for individual digital communication and localized office printing. Fully customizable, the digital template is available in two formats.

Digital Letterhead - Metric

Metric is LMU's official primary typeface. The preferred digital letterhead template utilizes Metric in the customizable header section. If you do not have Metric installed on your computer, the header section will default to a system typeface and this template will not function properly.

To use the preferred version of the university's digital letterhead, install Metric on your computer. The digital letterhead template requires Metric Semibold and Metric Regular. Alternatively, you can utilize the system typeface version of the digital letterhead below.

Digital letterhead with identity fonts

Digital Letterhead - Arial

It is not mandatory to have Metric, the primary LMU typeface, installed on your computer to utilize identity-compliant digital letterhead. Instead, use the digital letterhead template constructed with the Metric-equivalent system typeface, Arial.

Digital letterhead using system fonts

How to Use a Digital Letterhead

The header section of the Metric digital letterhead template will appear faded when launched in Microsoft Word. When printed or exported as a PDF, the header section is restored to full-color vibrancy.

The primary logo lock-up in the left corner is a fixed and uneditable graphic in the template. Please do not tamper with this feature.

The text section in the right corner is fully customizable by double-clicking into the box and overwriting the text. The type styles in this section match the LMU print letterhead and should be strictly observed.